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Bill Apter

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Bill Apter is a trail blazing journalist and photographer specializing in professional wrestling. He was an integral member of several magazines during the 1970s, 80s and 90s, perhaps most notably Pro Wrestling Illustrated. 


These magazines often reported wrestling by focusing on the storylines and angles rather than reporting on the wrestlers real lives "backstage". 


Apter was so closely associated with these magazines that they were often known as "Apter Mags." 


The influence of these publications in the days before cable television and the internet was such that Apter has been credited with launching the careers of many young wrestlers whom he featured. 


He continues to report on professional wrestling, celebrating 50 years in the business. So many young people in the state of Nebraska read those magazines cover to cover. They cut out his photographs to hang on their walls. His reporting and love of wrestling and it's characters helped cultivate the passions of so many fans for decades. 


It is with great pleasure to welcome the 4th member of the Nebraska Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame Class of 2022- Bill Apter.


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