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Hype began his career with the OWA- Omaha Wrestling Association in 2001. A master on the microphone he quickly became a fan favorite, to love or hate. A talented wrestler from the very beginning. Early in his run he highlighted that talent with 5 star matches against Chip Douglas, Sonjay Dutt, Tony Cortez, Jayden Draigo and countless others.

He traveled the Midwest creating his "Gotti Country" followers, holding each member of the audience in the palm of his hand. 

He had a hand in the training of many of the stars you see today in the Metro including Hall of Famer Jaysin Strife. 

His Title reigns are vast and covered multiple promotions.

As "Simply the Best" along with his tag team partner Tony Cortez, pulled in the titles and the fans. Their fast paced action in the ring was sure to entertain. There is one thing for sure,


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