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Preston Maxwell 


An OWA Original- he started his training under Hall of Famer Austin Storm 21 years ago.


He also credits the Flying Penguin training center and Patrick Tarr as influences in his early wrestling career.


I asked him to highlight moments of his two decades in wrestling-  he threw out names like a PWP battle with Matty Star.


Teaming with Pat powers in Magnum Wrestling as the PP Connection against Team Lariat- Joey Anderson and Shaun Nautilis.


A 3 way dance here in the MWA with Austin Storm and Gangrel.


Working for the WAM- The UCW -


Sharing the ring with mason Hunter, TJ Benson and fellow HOF'er Donnie Peppercricket.


He's one of the few still active members of our Hall of fame still entertaining fans today- When you see him in action, and you will be entertained.

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