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Please Welcome our NEW Associate Director Mikey Taylor. He is first and foremost a Wrestling Fan and Wrestling Historian! His knowledge and passion will make the NPWHOF a better place! I can't Thank him enough for being part of the team! Honoring those that came before us and keeping their stories alive!
                                                         - Donnie Dodge


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Our History..

Beginning as a side show attraction, traveling from town to town, Pro Wrestling gained popularity across the country.

In a territory owned and operated by Verne Gagne's AWA, based out of Minneapolis Minnesota, Omaha Nebraska quickly

grabbed the attention of the locals at shows all across the metro. Filling Sokal Auditorium, The Civic, Aksarben Arena and occasionally  Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium.

The "Sport" reached it's local popularity in the late 60's and began to taper off through the 70's. And recently, after being regulated by the Nebraska State Athletic Commission for Decades, the "de-regulation" as a competitive sport made it more lucrative for promoters to sell their craft. 

Since 2014- the second coming of Pro Wrestling has brought the fans what they have craved for years. Multiple companies running several shows per month. 

We as fans wish to not only revel in the talents of today's performers, but honor those that built the industry "back in the day".

This site is dedicated to those performers.


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About us.

We are NOT a wrestling school. We do not have a "set location", we are internet based with a traveling display of Nebraska Pro Wrestling historical items.

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